Interesting Sites

Movie makers and dialogue creators:

  • This website lets students create a talking avatar. There are a lot of lesson plan ideas on its website to give you some ideas about how to use it. It’s also capable of speaking in foreign languages–I’ve used it before as a student in Chinese class!

Writing programs for different formats:

  • Celtx is a free program that helps users write scripts in a standard script format. This is really useful if you’re teaching a visual literacy class or creative writing class. It takes awhile to master but it gives a really polished look to the finished product.


  • This is an especially good tool to recommend for students who want to do a literature project incorporating music. Students who have musical knowledge, but do not have all instruments at their disposal, can create a full score with this powerful online music notation tool.

Online presentation sites:

  • Glogger is a good alternative to traditional blogging that makes a multimedia, multilayered page that you can use to teach your students.
  • A good alternative to Powerpoint in its non-linear presentation style. Prezi does a good job of showing connections between topics in presentation layout, but be advised that Prezi owns all presentations that are posted on its site and that many students may find looking at Prezis a bit distracting or overwhelming.

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