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Pre-EDCI466 Reflection

Though I have always loved English and literature, I have gone back and forth in my consideration of teaching as a career choice. I made the commitment to teaching early in my sophomore year of college when I started tutoring at the GBTLA Saturday School at Montgomery Blair High School. I loved interacting with the students and feeling like I made a difference in their intellectual development. Despite my love for it, teaching is still tough, which is why I am taking this class.

This class seems like a fun way to hone my skills at curriculum planning and literature lesson instruction. I want to be a teacher that encourages my students to engage critically with popular reading materials that they read inside and outside of the classroom so that they become every-day, lifelong learners. The focus in this class on teaching texts that appeal to young adult readers will likely help me with that. I also knew this class would offer me the opportunity to practice designing units and lessons. This is something I have not had much experience with since I was a bit late to enter the secondary education track, so I think this class will teach me some techniques in creating engaging lessons for my students. In EDCI463, I enjoyed creating a unit plan and reviewing it with my classmates. I expect that this time, I will learn even more and start to find a unique style of instruction that fits my knowledge and personality while remaining adaptable to the needs of my students.

I realize that the majority of my learning in this class is dependent on doing the assigned reading, activities, and coursework. In order to get everything done, I have to find a place to fit EDCI466 work into my daily plan. Fortunately, my schedule for school and work is fixed and regimented. I will do all assigned reading or blog post for the coming Monday and Wednesday the weekend before it is due, since I have a heavy work schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Any longer major assignment (i.e. Statement of Teaching Philosophy, Unit Plan, etc.) will be completed in small increments starting the day the assignment is given. I will schedule these assignments so that I am done a class ahead of time, leaving me room to come to instructors for last minute help or questions and for revising. Aside from these measures, it is difficult to make any specific plans until I get a feel for the course, but I am confident in my ability to get the work done on time.